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Our mission statement at Are You Trained is to prepare people for peak performance through effective training and motivation across a number of industry sectors including;
Compliance  courses such as First Aid and basic life support,Manual Handling and People Handling, Fire Warden Training,Health and Safety Training, Medical Gases, Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults.

here are 2 great true life experiences that serve as testimonials to effectiveness of the training we deliver:

Dear Kevin 
It was an experience that I would rather not repeat.However your expert tuition helped get someone back from the dead (no pulse or breathing) twice. I was doing CPR for a very long time but it shows not to give up.The poor chap is in a very bad way due to a broken neck and has been in hospital for months.However he appears to have no brain damage at all, which is a miracle.
Cheers Ralph

Hi Kenin
  "We had a patient react to LA. The patient started fitting in the dental chair and the natural panic set in for my team. By the time I had reached the scene the whole team was by the patients side, ambulance called, oxygen in use and the patient was stable.  After talking with the team and being extremely proud of what they had done, all of them explained to me that thanks to Kevin's training they just knew what to do in that situation.  All our thanks go to Kevin for his help over the years. I could not recommend his services highly enough".
Conner AhearnePractice ManagerSmile Dental PracticeEast Croydon

We also provide Sales Training and Corporate Reception training to organisations and private individuals.
As our instructors are also fully qualified Personal Trainers and Licensed Speed Agility Quickness instructors we also offer Personal/Fitness Training and SAQ Training courses. 
                               COMPANY OBJECTIVES                     
We take a progressive view of course development and as a result constantly add new courses to our portfolio. (Please watch this space for new courses) 
Our training courses can be delivered at our fully equipped training rooms or on your company site. We cater for both large and small groups.
                          SPECIALISED COURSE DESIGN
We also design courses to your specifications and needs and deliver these courses through industry and academically qualified instructors.
Please take a few moments to look through our courses to find one that suits your needs. you will also find links to other partner organisations. Please feel free to either send us an e-mail or speak to an instructor direct on 0207 127 4203 or 07976 829461.

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