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Dental Practice Legionella Compliance Pack

Small Practice Legionella Compliance Pack:

Medium Practice Legionella Compliance Pack:

1. Legionella Risk Assessment

2. Practice specific management policy/written scheme

3. Practice specific water hygiene log book 

4. Basic Legionella Awareness training (onsite 1.5 hours) for 2 staff members

 Please note that all documents (Risk Assessment, Log Book, Policy) are delivered in an electronic format only (PDF). 


Legionella Awareness Training course sylabus

 1. Legionella Bacteria 

2. Legal Requirements

3. Management Policy/Written Scheme

4. Management of Legionella Bacteria in domestic water services.

5. Management of Legionella Bacteria - Other risk systems (DUWL's)

6. How to use the log book.

7. Test

8. Certificate

Legionella Risk Assessments


Small Dental Practice (1 - 3 Surgeries/Dental Chairs) -

Medium Dental Practice (4 - 7 Surgeries/Dental Chairs) -

Large Practice (>7 Surgeries/Dental Chairs) -  each additional surgery


Other Services:


Provision of Practice Bespoke Legionella Management Policy/Written Scheme -  

Provision of Practice Specific Water Hygiene Log Book -

UKAS Accredited TVC Sampling of dental unit water lines (DUWLs) — .