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            Terms and conditionsCourse Delivery

All courses carried out by Are You Trained Solutions are delivered by a qualified instructor who will only teach, advise and pass on knowledge that is in harmony with their qualifications and industry experience. Such instruction will be carried out in a professional manner and to a high standard in order to give course attendees customer satisfaction. Instruction will be carried out with the objective of introducing, developing and promoting the correct application of the skills being taught on this course.  

                                  Candidate participation

All candidates will respect the rights of other course attendees and will contribute to an atmosphere that encourages learning.Disclaimer and Non LiabilityAre You Trained and its instructor/Instructors cannot be held liable for any injuries or fatalities that may occur to any member of the public as a direct or indirect result of the candidate applying the skills learned in any situation and in addition cannot be held liable for any fatality or injuries physical or otherwise caused to themselves or any member of the public as a result of misapplication , lack of ability to perform skills and techniques adequately that they have been taught on this course, or as a result of a lapse of memory.The contents of all hand-outs and training manuals and information pertaining specifically to the Dental Emergency Drugs kit  are to be used for guidance only and do not constitute formal dental training. Information has been taken from various sources one of which is the UK resuscitation guidelines. Kevin Morgan and Are You trained Solutions cannot accept any liability for any of the following including but not limited to errors or omissions, injuries accidents and fatalities or malpractice as a direct or indirect result of following the content of any document provided either as part of a training session or given at a later date as a supplement to the training this also includes but is not limited to oral instruction, multimedia presentation or anything that constitutes instruction. Trainers and instructors who have been sub contracted to Are You Trained Solutions and Kevin Morgan are fully responsible for the information power point presentations, hand-outs ,equipment and any other entity or medium used in the delivery of training courses on behalf of Kevin Morgan and Are You Trained solutions and are therefore not covered by the insurance of Kevin Morgan and are you trained solutions, therefore in the case of any malpractice, errors, incorrect information provided on hand-outs or any medium included but not limited to power point presentations and intellectual property which occur as a result of the delivery of such a training course or session which has been delivered by a subcontracted trainer instructor or teacher ,that trainer instructor /teacher will be fully responsible for the error/malpractice or incorrect information. Any legal action and or claims can only be taken against the subcontracted trainer teacher instructor and their insurance and not Kevin Morgan and Are You trained Solutions. Both the subcontracted trainer teacher /instructor and the client or candidate fully accept these terms when booking a course where a subcontracted trainer instructor /Teacher is used to deliver a course  

                                      Health and Safety

If the course is being held on the customer’s premises or the premises of their employer, the candidate /Student will come under the duty of care of their employer or the owner of the premises and their Health and safety policy in all aspects relating to health and safety including but not limited to Accidents injuries and fatality while attending the course. In the event that an accident, injury or fatality occurs on the premises of the customer or the customers’ employer, Are You Trained and its instructor/Instructors cannot be held liable for any Accidents, injuries or fatalities that may occur. 


The entire course fee is to be paid in full before the day of the course unless an agreement to pay after the course has been agreed on booking.

             Copyright and Intellectual property rights

All candidates are encouraged and have the right to take notes of what is being delivered solely for the purpose for which the course material has been designed and for their individual use and application. Kevin Morgan and by extension Are You Trained Solutions does not endorse any candidate or observer  that attends a training session in part or whole to deliver training for the purpose of certification or commercial interest . Therefore any course material, power point presentation; instructor delivery style may not be reproduced, adapted in any format for the purpose of teaching towards certification or commercial interest. The purchaser of any course delivered by Mr Kevin Morgan and by extension Are You Trained solutions fully accepts without reservation these conditions when purchasing a course. Deliberate reproduction of any course content for commercial use of any kind is strictly prohibited and may lead to prosecution.    

                        Cancellations, Refunds and Charges

All cancellations and refunds are subject to an administration charge of 40 percent of the total amount paid. Cancellations are to be made by calling Are You Trained on 07976 829461Exclusions to refund chargesIf a course is cancelled within 8 hours of the course being booked a full refund will be given without an administration charge.

                              AED SUPPLY AND TRAINING 

 Product Guarantee

Heartsine AED’s AND The ZOLL AED PLUS comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee. The purchaser is subject to the returns and warranty procedures of both Heartsine and their UK distributor Aero Healthcare or ZOLL Medical UK Ltd. Depending on which model has been purchased.

                                          PAYMENT FOR AED's

Full payment for any AED that is ordered must be must be made in advance. Are you trained solutions will only order AED units from manufacturers on cleared funds .therefore  please be advised that cheques will take 5 working days to clear. 

                                    DISCLAIMER (AED)

Are you trained solutions is an authorised distributor of ZOLL Medical UK Ltd. the purchaser accepts that Are you trained solutions cannot be held responsible for any design faults ,faulty products, misuse of equipment or a failure to maintain the products once delivered according to the manufacturer’s directions. Training on AED’s including ZOLL AED’s is explained in the paragraph above headed “Non Liability”


There is a 7 day cooling off period for any orders placed by phone, e-mail or by an on line purchase from the point of purchase. No refunds are given for any amount paid after the cooling off period of 7 days has expired. Delivery of your product will be made within 10 days (subject to stock to availability.) Cancellation must be made by phone and also by e-mail within 7 days at 

                        RETURN OF FAULTY GOODS

Call 07976 829461 or e-mail we will send you a returns form by e-mail.

The purchaser of any course delivered by Mr Kevin Morgan and by extension Are You Trained solutions fully accepts without reservation all details of this document when purchasing a course or product and is legally bound by them.                                

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