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Dear Kevin 
It was an experience that I would rather not repeat.However your expert tuition helped get someone back from the dead (no pulse or breathing) twice. I was doing CPR for a very long time but it shows not to give up.The poor chap is in a very bad way due to a broken neck and has been in hospital for months.However he appears to have no brain damage at all, which is a miracle.
Cheers Ralph

Hi Kenin
  "We had a patient react to LA. The patient started fitting in the dental chair and the natural panic set in for my team. By the time I had reached the scene the whole team was by the patients side, ambulance called, oxygen in use and the patient was stable.  After talking with the team and being extremely proud of what they had done, all of them explained to me that thanks to Kevin's training they just knew what to do in that situation.  All our thanks go to Kevin for his help over the years. I could not recommend his services highly enough".
Conner AhearnePractice ManagerSmile Dental PracticeEast Croydon

A good speaker is one, who people listen too, not just hear.  Kevin did a fantastic CPR session, the staff were continuously attentive throughout the whole session....... So I booked a second course with Kevin, as it was a success with the staff, and my staff gained a lot of extra knowledge.  I would have not have second thoughts in recommending Kevin and his courses, to any practice. Thank you so much for enlightening us with the fun part of learning.

Rafidah Ahmed
Practice Manager
New Kings Road Dental Practice

Kevin and 'Are You Trained Solutions' have provided excellent courses for Newham's Summer School for the past two years. He offers a wide range of skills and experiences for the young people and in particular tailor made a fantastic '2012 Champions' course for us this year to fit in with the Olympics and Paralympics theme. His provision is fast paced, engaging and fun for the young people, building their skills and knowledge around fitness, health and safety and support for each other. I would highly recommend his organisation as it is extremely efficient and good quality. Kevin is always very professional, flexible and accomodating with our needs, he is always, positive, reliable and a pleasure to work with.


Anna Chapman - Manager of Newham summer School

In February 2012 Kevin Morgan from ‘Are You Trained Solutions’ carried out Basic Life Support and CPR training for the staff within the practice.

The training was professional and feedback from the staff was very positive. Kevin carried out the training with knowledge and enthusiasm. He presented the course in relaxed and friendly atmosphere.   

I would highly recommend Kevin Morgan as he has an extensive knowledge on all subjects.

On Thursday 22 September Kevin Morgan from ‘Are You Trained Solutions’ carried out Mandatory Basic Life Support and CPR training for the staff within the practice.

The training was informative, the feedback from the staff was very positive, the trainer Kevin Morgan carried out the training with knowledge and enthusiasm. 

I would highly recommend ‘Are You Trained Solutions’ we have already booked for September 2012.

Grace Sheridan

Practice Manager

We would like to give this word of thanks to Kevin for the engaging and entertaining way he trained our staff this year in Life Support. Kevin arrived in plenty of time to set up and managed to have a chat with some of our patients while he patiently waited for us to organise to start the session. I certainly learned some new points during his presentation and it was useful to know just where the legislation was changed and more importantly the practical application of this. Kevin was a thorough gentleman throughout. It was a surprise to us, even though we had planned our xmas party that evening, he kept our attention and the time flew by. Please consider hiring Kevin for your organisations life support training and give the very best to your team and patients. see you next year Kevin! kind regards, Davinder JamusKensington Dental Spa